Optimize your engineering projects and software delivery. We provide you with advice on build systems, modern tooling for software projects and migration to the cloud.

We have hands-on experience with AWS & Microsoft Azure cloud solutions.

We also have hands-on experience with the following software delivery tools AzureDevOps, Jenkins, GitLab, Github, git, Maven, Gradle, CMake, make and others. We can optimize build times, git workflows, agile work methods for Java and C++ software projects.

Fixed Price Project

Get rid of the burden of managing your software projects.

We have experience in delivery of Java and C++ software projects for a fixed price.

After agreement on a set of features that are described with a formal language (i.e. Gherkin) we agree on a price for this feature set. After that all the management that comes with software delivery is for us.

Contact us for a quote for consultancy and fixed price software delivery or other information. You can use the contact form.